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Environmental Testing Laboratories

Established in 1981, Environmental Testing Laboratories (ETL) has been providing customers with high quality data for over 30 years. ETL currently services a wide variety of clients including military bases, manufacturing facilities, environmental firms, petroleum contractors, and waste disposal companies.
ETL offers the analysis of a wide range of analytical paramters for:
Ground, Surface, and Waste waters     Soil, Sediment, and Sludge
Air     Fuel     Oil

New/Used Oil Testing Services Capabilities

ETL offers new and used oil analysis for every type of system. Oil may be tested for the following reasons.
Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what’s in the oil and may be helpful assessing the following:
• Dirt Ingression
• Coolant leaking into the oil
• Engine Running to Hot
• Abnormal Bearing Wear
• Abnormal Cylinder and Ring Wear
• Abnormal Gear or Pump Wear
• Too long/short of oil drain interval
Testing packages for diesel . Check out our list of capabilites. We can customize a test based on your need.


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