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Advanced FuelRestoration is One Source Solutions answer to bad fuel and dirty tanks. Our process of cleaning the fuel and tank by using a multi-stage filtration system removes particulate, water, and biomass down to .5 microns. We include the addition of specially formulated additives that help to restore fuel quality. Unlike our competitors, we don't just polish fuel, we restore it.



Whether an above or below ground tank, we have the equipment and trained technicians to handle the dirtiest of fuels. Our proprietary technology cleans both diesel and gasoline. We even correct phase separation in ethanol enriched gasoline. The FuelRestoration process cleans the most contaminated fuels you saving money and resources. Our process uses a high flow machine reducing site downtime. The pressurized system is just enough to clean the tank without doing damage to the tank walls.


Advanced FuelRestoration Process

Our process begins and ends with a good bottom sample. A sampler known as a bacon bomb is used to get a fuel sample. This is one of the most important parts of the process. The best possible fuel samples are collected from the bottom of the tank and generally the closest access point to the tank’s turbine. Bacon Bomb’s collect true bottom samples because they do not allow fuel in until the plunger touches the bottom of the tank and they seal immediately upon lifting off the bottom.

Once a bottom sample is taken with a Bacon Bomb, the fuel sample is released into a clean glass sample jar. We use a clear glass jar that has an unobscured view of the fuel. If the fuel is cloudy or contains moderate to heavy particulate, then the tank and fuel are readied for cleaning. Additives are measured into the tank to aid in the restoration process.

All safety measures are taken by the technician to secure the workspace and the filtration equipment is setup. The fuel is filtered through a looped process of recycling clean fuel back into the tank until is is completely clean. Samples are taken throughout the process to identify the stages of cleaning. While onsite, the technician completes a system assessment to identify any potential system issues, especially possible leaks or entry points for contaminants. Once the fuel is cleaned, the technician cleans his work, takes a post cleaning sample and completes a report for the tank owner.

If the tank owner desires a complete fuel analysis, a clean sample is taken and returned to the ETL lab for processing. An instant on site test to verify the absence of microbial infection is also available upon request. Call for a free estimate today: (800) 989-8298.

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